Monday, December 20, 2021

More Thoughts on Whatnot Now That I've Been Using it Awhile

As readers of my blog know, I offered my thoughts on the Whatnot app when I started using it to buy collectibles (specifically comics). Then, I got approved to sell on Whatnot and had a good first show. Since then I've used it a lot for watching shows (mostly comic ones as that's what I know best) and I've used it to sell comics too. Now that I have used it for a while I will say I like it quite a lot.

Whatnot is an app that anyone can buy on but you have to be approved to sell with. Often sellers are folks who have physical stores, did online shows on other apps, or are, "influencers," whatever that exactly means. I got approved thanks to my great selling history on sites like eBay and having this blog that I suppose makes me an important and respected media figure--at least, that's what I whisper at night while I snuggle the award for great writing I made myself out of glue and macaroni. 

The way Whatnot itself works is people in various categories of neat collectibles (they can vary quite a lot from my beloved comics to Funko Pops, vintage clothes, and more) do live shows where they have stuff for sale that others can bid on or sometimes buy it outright. It's a bit like if eBay and Home Shopping Network had a baby what with the auctions and interesting personalities that sell stuff (myself included). I have found all kinds of cool comics for super great deals on Whatnot and love buying on it. The fact sellers get vetted before they sell ensures my comics are always packed with expert care--unlike when I've bought something from a random person on a website and it's shipped horribly or not at all like its description (too many times a comic in, "Amazing shape!" looks like a dog ripped into it). What about selling, though, if you are curious about that aspect? I can tell you what I think when it comes to selling comics at least.

I was excited to be approved as I usually have cool comics laying around (I'm always buying/selling/trading). Since my approval, I've generally done shows on Monday that I call my, "Monday Mayhem," shows although I did do a Superb Saturday once and a Terrific Tuesday recently. I usually like doing shows Monday around 11:00 AM Central as there aren't too many other comic shows around then and I avoid getting overshadowed by really popular sellers who draw lots of eyes on weekends or such. I find the Whatnot app is really easy to use to sell whether you're doing auctions in live shows or listing some items as a buy it now. I've used eBay/Mercari/etc. a lot less as oftentimes it makes more sense to put something neat I have on one of my Whatnot shows--even more lately as I've gained regular viewers who like the stuff I generally have. 

I do find that when it comes to the comic-book community that my Whatnot viewers are usually after newer stuff or things that are popular thanks to movie/television options. My older comics do generally sell better on sites like eBay (which have more older users, I'd wager), but any, "Key," issues I have from the Bronze age or more recent are generally a hit. It's good fun chatting with folks as they type comments whilst I do shows and my friend Anthony from Comics Heating Up has been doing shows around when I do mine so that we can cross-promote each other. He's a cool guy. Oh, and once stuff is sold it is really easy to weigh it and have Whatnot do all the work of making the label I print out. Then, after the comic is delivered I get paid. Easy as pie. It's quite straightforward and I like that. Whatnot is a really handy and fun app, I'd recommend checking it out.


  1. What's your Whatnot username?

    1. I ought to mention that, shouldn’t I? It is thenewesrant just like my blog’s name!