Sunday, December 19, 2021

Kickstarter Wants to do Stuff with Crypto/Blockchain for...Reasons?

Blockchain/ Cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) is stupid. NFTs are even more stupid. When you ask a lover of these pyramid schemes for an actual valid reason why they are a good idea they offer reasons. Not good reasons, but reasons nonetheless that involve empty catchphrases like, "Web 3.0," and, "Metaverse." The only honest answer is its a scam to make money (before the scheme collapses under its own weight), but other empty reasons are given too. Some game companies have CEOs getting into NFTs and Crypto and to the disappointment of many it seems that the biggest crowdfunding platform around, Kickstarter, is getting in on the grift too.

Lots of folks don't want Kickstarter to mess around with the Blockchain, they are against it. Kickstarter heard their statements and has said, "Too bad, shut up because we are doing this." Kickstarter has made it clear they don't care what people think because they believe there's a way to turn a profit before this whole house of cards comes crashing down. It is all so idiotic.

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