Monday, July 19, 2021

"Kane and Able," is a Mind-Bending Mix of Comics from Two Wild Creators

I've been a fan of Shaky Kane for some time and am a bit less familiar with Krent Able but like what I have seen of his work. The two recently teamed up to create a two-man anthology in the form of, "Kane and Able." Published by Image comics, it is utterly insane and delightful.

"Kane and Able," features stories about the, "Shield Bug," which seems to riff a lot on the history of comics in general, includes a story about monster-men who patrol the, "Creepzone," and has my favorite story, "Black Fur," which features a jetpack-riding bear that fights a strange humanoid cockroach that creates flesh monsters from humans in a weirdly self-aware short story. Kane and Able are two different creators but have styles that complement each other well. Kane is a bit more geometric and abstract at times, Able goes for a hyperdetailed look that can be suitably gorgeous or gross (those flesh monsters are impressively nasty).

"Kane and Able," is a nice big oversized comic in its physical dimensions and page count of 72--it has a spine to it too so it is more of an original graphic novel than just a big ol' comic. Whatever you call it, it is a treat. The bigger pages really let the amazing art and surreal storytelling breathe. Cain and Abel did not do so well as brothers in the bible but Kane and Able make a great team in the field of comics.

5 out of 5 stars.

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