Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Hilton's Tru Hotel Brand is Weird

On the way back from visiting my folks in Upstate New York we stopped at a hotel. It was part of the Hilton line but was a, "Tru," hotel. Found in Cleveland, Ohio, the building is the one pictured above. It was weird.

Tru hotels are designed to appeal to Millenials who are tech-savvy, at least as far as text written about the brand goes. The lobbies are full of couches and chairs so everyone can hang out and work in an open space, which is fine if you want that, I suppose. The rooms are really small, all the soaps and shampoos are dispensed from tubes that reminded me a bit of the kind you see in your bathroom on cruise ships. I didn't like that but my wife thought it was convenient. There is a hot breakfast but it was minimal. The bed had odd stains and I mentioned it without demanding any kind of reimbursement, but they immediately said there was nothing they could do anyways as I used Booking.com, so I was unable to get any kind of financial refund. The whole experience was just odd. Other folks have written about not being big on Tru either. Apparently, people either love it or hate at Tru. I think, "Hate," would be a strong word for me, but 2 out of 5 stars sums up my thoughts on Tru hotels. As a relatively tech-savvy Millenial, I didn't feel that appealed to, so maybe I'm just a grouchy old dude at heart.

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