Sunday, July 11, 2021

The Toyman Show Returned Today and it Was Glorious!

It'd been a while since the last Toyman show due to the entire World shutting down with the COVID-19 pandemic (which is still ongoing but a lot better as more and more people get vaccinated). Therefore, I was extremely eager to attend the Toyman show today! It did not disappoint, with tons of merchants, creators, and plenty of my friends I was eager to see after quite a long while. My chum John Chaffee of Bigfoot Comics and Toys was present, as was the always funny Spike Forester from Lost in Space Toys & Collectibles. I ran into my friend Brian Lan who was selling a lot of cool stuff and we talked about how glad we were 2020 was over. Phil and his awesome Comic Grind bus were present too, and I was able to trade some stuff and a bit of cash for this awesome, "Thor," #337 with the first appearance of Beta Ray Bill:
Tom from Alliance Comics, Toys, & Games had a variety of cool books--I bought a very fairly priced, "Spawn," #1 from him. Also as the show was Heroes for Kids, who actually have their own convention coming up on the 17th--I'll be posting more about that soon. The talented J.E. Nelson was present and we talked about how it was a bit tricky to get back in the swing of going to a show, but we felt we were all doing okay. Also, I ran into my good friend and author Jessica Mathews who had all her previous books for sale as well as the latest one, "Chicken Noodle Soup." I bought a copy to read to Clarkson and she was kind enough to sign it! She also included a bookmark and a cute little toy chicken:
I've only named some of the folks at the show. There were tons more selling everything from Lego, to Funko Pops, die-cast cars, movies, and basically anything cool you can think of. I loved going to the Toyman show today and I would 100% encourage you to attend the next one on August 29th. It is such a fantastic event and I never fail to find something exciting!

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