Saturday, July 10, 2021

CCG to Grade Video-Games

CCG is the parent company of CGC--the folk who grade comic-books, posters, and other stuff. I've always had mixed feelings about putting a comic book in a slab because then you can't read it. I don't mind that too much if you want to preserve a unique or valuable comic as one cool thing is you can usually find a reader copy, read it in a trade paperback, or find an online copy on a (legal) site/service. Video-game grading though...I really don't get much. We play games, why trap the cartridge/disc in a case to never be played? I guess if you have a digital version it makes some sense as you can still play it, but as much as I occasionally struggle with comic grading, I really have trouble grasping video-game grading. Some agencies already exist that do it, and now CCG is getting in the game too (pun intended).

CCG is hiring a bunch of professional video-game graders to launch a new game-grading service. You know, because the company isn't backed up enough in some of their services (comic grading is really delayed lately due to an influx in submissions with comics getting even hotter these past years). While CCG's comic grading company, CGC, is the most respected comic grading company around (with CBCS in a close second), I don't know how easy it will be to break into the video-game grading biz. We'll know soon enough how this goes.

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