Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Kickstarter Campaign for the LGBTQ Comic Anthology, "Strange Waters," Looks Great!

I am a big fan of comics and love anthologies that take multiple creators and have them let-loose over a shared theme or concept. I also am a proud ally of my LGBTQ chums so when Zach Sherwood of Arledge Comics (a small indie-publisher, "committed to elevating queer voices, creators, and stories in addition to providing fair paying opportunities to comic creators," reached-out to me about a Kickstarter titled, "Strange Waters," he was doing with, "...eighteen queer creators, collecting fifteen fantastical stories throughout 150 black and white pages with one common theme: water," I was intrigued. Plus the amazing cover art for the anthology shown above by Michi Ermolenko caught my eye as well. Sherwood told me how, "The stories emphasize both the freedom water can bring as well as the mysteries that lurk beneath the surface," and encouraged me to check the Kickstarter campaign out.

Having examined the campaign for, "Strange Waters," I am really excited to hopefully see it funded before its conclusion at the end of November 17th. Arledge Comics has had 13 successful Kickstarters already and has fulfilled the orders for all of them except one in the process of being completed so they have a reliable track-record (something folk worry about with the occasional Kickstarter campaigns raising money and then running for the hills to never be heard from again). The assortment of creators who are listed on the Kickstarter's page are all very talented and sure to provide some stellar comics with fun little bonus rewards like a pin and/or pirate flag being neat too! I encourage you to check out the Kickstarter page for, "Strange Waters," and to back it if you think it is the kind of comic you'd enjoy. I anticipate it being pretty awesome!

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