Tuesday, October 29, 2019

One Easy Step to Avoid Having a Deadly Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal parties have become a big thing where people are doing more and more over-the-top things to let folk know if their soon-to-be-born baby is a boy or girl. This resulted in the tragic death of someone when a reveal-device that was supposed to gently pop-open turned out to be an inadvertent pipe-bomb. In the interest of helping everyone I now present my simple one-step process to avoid having a deadly gender reveal party:

1. Don't have a gender reveal party because there is little point in having a celebration centered around what kind of genitals your baby has, and you're not even revealing the, "Gender," you're revealing the sex, gender is a social construct.

Seriously people, even the woman who is credited as pioneering the whole gender reveal trend now says, "Who cares?" about a boring detail like your baby's sex when the focus should just be on the joy of having a baby. Gender reveal parties just seem like a flimsy excuse to have cake and get presents considering how baby showers and baby sprinkles (the slang term for baby showers after a first child) seemed to serve everyone fine for quite some time.
Also, recall gender can easily be a spectrum.
There is the additional element that some people consider gender reveal parties to be transphobic to a degree as so much focus is being put on concepts of gender and, "Men," or, "Women." As I'm not trans I do not think I can offer an accurate comment on whether it is or is not transphobic to have a gender reveal party, but regardless of that debate I do agree it make more sense to just celebrate having a baby and not making a huge deal of whether its going to be packing a penis or vagina once it is born. Just throw a really big baby shower, have some cake, and forget the gender reveal stunts that could end-up causing eight million dollars worth of property damage.

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