Monday, October 14, 2019

The First Collection of, "Nancy," as Done by Olivia Jaimes is a Treat to Read

Back in April of 2018 the comic, "Nancy," had a new creator take over the long-running strip. Her name was Olivia Jaimes (although nobody knows her real name or much of anything about her besides she apparently has experience in comics before this). Jaimes take on, "Nancy," introduced more technology (Nancy got a smart-phone) and worked-in a number of clever 4th-wall-breaking meta-jokes, but despite being newer and edgier honestly still had the heart of, "Nancy," AKA that she is a little girl who is smart, enjoys sweets, and loves to make trouble. The collection of Jaimes initial, "Nancy," strips through her start in 2018 to Christmas of that year is full of hilarity, taking a decades-old comic and injecting it with new life while still being authentically, "Nancy," in all her precocious glee.
When Jaimes first took-over, "Nancy," there was some outcry from people who saw the comic in their newspapers or read it online at GoComics. There were folk who did not like, "Nancy," changing at all, but considering how Jaimes coming-on the strip reinvigorated the comic to the point it did please a number of longtime fans and brought-in a smorgasbord of new readers I'd say Jaimes was a stellar choice. I myself have loved reading, "Nancy," when it comes-out daily and this book is like a concentrated dose of all that, "Nancy," goodness just pumped straight into the pleasure-center of your brain.

"Nancy," as done by Olivia Jaimes is a stellar comic--not merely an amazing comic-strip, a fantastic comic, period. I loved reading this collection which besides the strips includes an introduction by the strip's editor, Shena Wolf, as well as some back-matter ranging from a reprinted interview with Jaimes to fan-art of Nancy herself. Should you not yet have had the pleasure of reading, "Nancy," under the pen of Olivia Jaimes I would advise you to get yourself a copy of this book post-haste from your local bookstore/library/comic-shop. It is a simply fantastic way to immerse yourself in the genius of Jaimes and her version of, "Nancy."
5 out of 5 stars.

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