Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Television Tuesday: "sMothered," is a Hot Garbage Fire and I Love It!

Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows how much I love my reality television, often the trashier the better. Whether it's Mama June going from, "Not," to, "Hot," to, "Having a Serious Drug Problem," or people thinking they will somehow find true love competing with a dozen other people for the affections of a bachelor/bachelorette, reality television is the pleasant junk food my brain sometimes needs when our world is more depressing and disgusting than ever. With that in mind, one show has now aired three episodes and is not so much trashy as it is the equivalent of a hot garbage fire I am incapable of stopping watching. It is called, "sMothered," and it is incredible.

"sMothered," follows an assortment of mother-daughter duos with relationships that are at best uncomfortably close and at worst arguably emotionally abusive. When a 31 year-old woman have never lived with anyone besides her Mom and essentially serves as a live-in maid to her mother, we've got some odd dynamics. We've got moms who go to downtown Vegas and party with their daughter till they're falling-down drunk, moms who are way too obsessed with their daughter's love-life and finding them a, "Nice Guido," to use the very-proudly-Italian mom's words. Then there is Cher and Dawn who probably are the least odd and seem almost like a relative, "Control," to this bizarre experiment.

Angelica (left) and her Mom, Sunhe (right) are drastically co-dependent.
Yes, Cher and her mom sometimes like to dress the same and talk a lot on the phone or Facetime, but Cher lives separate from her Mother and otherwise seems to be able to function as an individual--she just is so close with her Mom she does stuff like tell her how she and her husband are pregnant before anyone else, even though it had been agreed everyone would find-out at the same time. It is all relatively tame stuff compared to Sunhe making daughter Angelica do her nails before bed nightly, sharing a bed with her, and being dressed by her every morning when she isn't throwing a fit at the idea her grown daughter might want to go on a cruise with her boyfriend without Mom tagging along.
My favorite person on the show is without a doubt Adrian. Adrian is the Father of just-turned-21 Mariah who considers herself an Instagram influencer and has 45 year-old Mom named Sandra who likes to try to party as if she's two decades younger (she was very intoxicated in downtown Vegas). Adrian and Sandra actually are divorced but they still live together for a mixture of reasons (money, being able to still co-parent).

Adrian is like a shining beacon in this show, a voice of reason that makes observations that need to said. I wasn't surprised to hear he has a career in stand-up comedy because this man knows how to cut-through all the B.S. and flat-out say, "Why are you, Mariah's mom, getting drunker than her on her own 21st birthday and making it all about you? Why do you live vicariously through your daughter? We are supposed to be role-models!" Adrian is like the viewer, just flabbergasted at all the crazy stuff going on in this show and at times only able to shake his head and roll his eyes.

"sMothered," is an incredibly odd show and even just three episodes in it is one of my favorite new programs. There is something weirdly addicting about watching strange folk doing wild stuff, and these mother-daughter duos with their strange dynamics have me hooked. I'm not proud of my reality television habit, but I'll be darned if it doesn't keep me entertained when it provides me content like, "sMothered."

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