Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I Annoyed Gamergate and Comicsgate Members for Fun on Twitter

Let's be real, Twitter was a mistake.
If you spend much time online you may have heard about Gamergate and Comicsgate. They are both internet hate-groups that claim to hold lofty and idealistic goals, but in actuality are made-up of an assortment of racists, homophobes, conspiracy theorists, alt-right members, and the like. They claim they want, "Ethics in journalism," or desire to get rid of, "Identity politics," in comic-books but all these groups truly desire is to silence voices that aren't white and straight men. I've talked about my hatred for Gamergate before and if you want an overview of what a mess Comicsgate is I'd recommend this stellar piece by Leonard Pitts Jr. of, "The Miami Herald," as well as Noah Berlatsky's article for, "The Washington Post."

The members of these groups love to harass others that they think don't, "Belong," and if you call them out generally like to claim they have nothing to do with the, "Bad," members of their group and otherwise tell anyone questioning them how the questioners are the hateful bigots. It sickens me when I read about video-game makers I am a fan of or comic-makers I support being harassed by these fools so I thought to help take some heat off these innocent victims and to get a chuckle that during last weekend when I wasn't busy at Wizard World Saint Louis I'd wade into the toxic regions of Twitter, cast-out my fishing lure, and see whom I could, "Hook," the attention of.

One of of my comments at an especially ignorant tweet by EVS he actually later deleted.
Notice how when I insult his ilk I actually get more, "Likes," than angry responses.
Besides tweeting at Ethan Van Sciver (a darling of the Comicsgate members) to tell him to stop his spewing of bile and lies I also did some tweets basically summing-up my views of Gamergate and Comicsgate. I got plenty of, "Likes," and, "Follows," out this, but before long some bottom-feeders in ol' Twitter-lake took my bait and started telling me how Social Justice Warriors were actually the racist ones, how their movements were based in good faith and they can't help some bad apples, the usual bullshit.

I will not state names as unlike members of Gamergate and Comicsgate I don't believe in doxxing, but I would like to talk about one person whom I'll simply call, "Lester." If I was reeling in some fish on Twitter-lake then Lester was a prize-winning catch. With a mixture of neigh-incoherent grammar and awful spelling he rambled at me in regards to false-flag operations, QAnon, called me an NPC, insisted transgender people only made-up, ".01%," of the world's population, and alternated between referring to me as, "Farmboy," or, "Bro,"when he wasn't belligerently stating I was playing assorted, "Cards." I assume he meant things like, "The race card," or, "The trans card," but reading his garbled tweets made it a little tricky to understand what his exact point was other than that I was wrong and he didn't, "Hate me, I just hate your kind." When I asked for clarification of what my kind was, he cheekily just said, "SJWs," and refused to elaborate on if there were any other demographics he was coyly trying to admit hating.
Eventually Lester got fed-up, sent me a direct message about how awful I was, and blocked me, as the above image shows with any identifying info cropped-out. Apparently because I called his beloved movements hate groups I was in fact the racist and bigoted person in our conversation. I interacted with others on Twitter too, but they were a little less fiery, simply repeating their assertions how they truly felt they meant well, disavowed anyone who harassed/threatened others, and used the usual circular logic to take anything I said as proving I was the actual hateful person in their eyes and/or simply, "Willfully dense," and that I should, "Seek help."

Eventually the flow of responses to my initial tweets stopped and the weekend was over. I could only hope my actions made some Gamergate and Comicsgate dummies stop harassing others for even a brief moment, and also was pleased at the increase in follows and readers from the many people who agree with me that Gamergate and Comicsgate are terrible. Anyways, it kept me entertained off-and-on over the weekend and gave me enough material to write this article, so all-in-all I'd say I was productive. Plus, I managed to piss off someone in Gamergate and Comicsgate so much they actually blocked me, which gives me a twisted feeling of pride to think I was able to annoy someone so toxic. I'm weird, I know.

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