Saturday, September 29, 2018

Gail Simon Wrote About Her Former Friendship With Ethan Van Sciver

I of course posted not too long ago how I was, "Done," with Ethan Van Sciver. I did not know him super-well, he was one of those comic-creators I would keep in occasional touch with but by no means were we friends.  However, it made me wonder, how do his current and former friends view him? Comicsbeat reported on how Gail Simone recently made a large Facebook post addressing a number of claims from EVS, where he insulted her repeatedly in one of this rambling videos for Comicsgate. She discusses how they were friends and something clearly happened that put him in a dark place. It seems while he was in that metaphorical place he changed, and now we have the Ethan Van Sciver of today, who just is hateful and terrible. It's an immensely sad post to read, chronicling how two formerly close friends drifted horribly apart. It is worth reading however, if only to see how classy Simone is in response to Sciver's spiteful bile.

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