Thursday, October 15, 2015

In Case You Forgot, Libraries Are Awesome!

Having Fun Isn't Hard When You Have a Library Card!

You know, we as a populace often don't utilize local resources that are really useful and our tax dollars pay for. Parks serve as one example of that, and another prime one is the local library/libraries within your city or town (I'm addressing my U.S. readers here, but if you are reading this in another country I would imagine you have libraries too). People sometimes joke that libraries are outdated, but they actually are quite useful, with the Saint Louis County Library system serving me quite fantastically.

Imagine you want to read a book (including graphic novels) but not have to buy it, or rent a movie, even a newer video-game. Just continue your imagining and picture a place that has a variety of books to choose from and can get ones they don't have loaned to them, a place that has popular movies you can check out while paying nary a dime, music CDs for listening, and video-games for the newest consoles you can take without worrying about a daily fee as long as you return it on time. Well, quit imagining because I'm obviously talking about the library.
One of my local branches I have visited.
Plus, a library isn't just a useful place to borrow things from, an account through one can often get you access to academic journals and online databases that contain them--a handy tool should you not currently be enrolled in a school that has a subscription to EBSCO or such. Should you lack internet for any reason you can also utilize that at the library too!

I'll be honest and admit that it had been awhile since I'd visited the library when I moved to the Saint Louis Region, and until I officially changed my residency to that of a county resident I would have had to pay a fee to get a library card (a modest fee, but still a fee). Since becoming a resident however I have greatly appreciated the libraries in my region and would imagine that if you don't utilize the library/libraries in your town you'll be as grateful as I am.
Another of the local library branches in the county I've visited.
This almost reads more as a public service announcement than a regular post, but folk close to me have noticed how much more I've been talking about how great the library is since using it a lot recently, so I thought it made sense to give my local library system a, "Shout-out," and suggest that you check your own library/libraries out!

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