Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Television Tuesday: Bring Back, "Modern Family," for Real, You Cowards!

"Modern Family," was a hilarious sitcom that went for 11 seasons (2009-2020). It probably ran a bit too long, losing some of the initial, "Spark," after a bit. It still remained at least decent viewing until the end even if it wasn't as amazing after the first 5 or so seasons. Spin-offs were rumored but didn't happen. Now, in this day and age where old shows get revived some years later I'd argue, "Modern Family," is practically begging to be brought back in some form! Well, just recently it sort of was...but for an advertisement.

That's right, Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson returned as their characters Phil Dunphy, Claire Dunphy, Cam Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett to promote Whatsapp. The ad is a bit funny, but it really just makes me irritated that we don't have a real return of, "Modern Family," in some form. With all the characters on the show you'd think we could follow at least some of the families if we checked in all these years later to see how their fictional selves were doing. Instead, we get this little tease of what could be. Plenty of shows that don't even really make sense to be revived have had it done or we even get spin-offs of spin-offs these days--seriously, a show spun out of, "Young Sheldon," of all things? Broadcast companies don't leave money on the table, but a fat sack of cash is just sitting there with no revival plans. Let's make it happen because even if it is just good and not great, I"ll enjoy seeing the characters again outside the context of a tedious advertisment, at the very least.

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