Saturday, June 29, 2024

I Tried Two New Scooter's Drinks

I love coffee but it is not the only beverage I drink. The popular chain known as Scooter's has an assortment of fun drinks--including special limited flavors--and when I'm not solely after coffee I'll sample the other stuff sometimes. I recently tried two iced drinks that are around for a brief period of time and thought I'd offer my opinion on them! Without further ado...

Electric Peach Infusion

This beverage features the tropical flavors of the SCOOOT! Energy drink that Scooter's features with peach (plus a hint of cherry and pomegranate). To top it all off, they include some peach ring candies as well. I enjoyed this drink a lot, although it definitely leaned over toward the almost-too-sweet side. The SCOOOT! drink worked very well with the peach, however, and the drink has a nice crisp mouth feel. The peach candies look cute but are a relatively unnecessary edition--they're soggy by the time you finish the drink and not really worth eating. Overall, a nice drink!

4 out of 5 Stars.

SCOOOT! Energy Sparkler

Meant to tie in with the upcoming Fourth of July, this drink has a blend of peach and pomegranate flavors that are topped with some whipped cream and then a layer of blue raspberry cold foam. The result looks patriotic and is quite tasty. I'm not sure it is necessary to have whipped cream and foam in terms of flavor as both are light and (obviously) dairy. They mix together well with the energy drink, however, balancing out the fruity acidity. To be honest, I didn't sense any raspberry in the cold foam and while it looks cool in terms of optics, the whipped cream and foam just blended together to make the aforementioned blend of taste with the energy drink. This drink looks cool but the flavor isn't anything to write home about. Still, a solid option if you want something that is visually snazzy to sip upon.

3 out of 5 stars.

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