Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Francesco Mattina Accused of Using AI for his Comic Covers

Mattina's latest work is being accused of mostly being AI.

I've seen a lot of rumors about Francesco Mattina in comics and just how much of his art he does versus ripping off from others and using Photoshop trickery to get away with the theft of fellow creators. Now, another comic artist is calling out Mattina. Adi Granov has been making posts online making it clear a new variant cover by Mattina is clearly produced by AI with some tweaks done by Mattina to attempt to hide the machine influence, but the nasty, "Fingerprints," of AI manifesting the work are there. The comic cover can be seen above with Superman.

My feelings on AI and how it isn't even really, "Art," are clear if you've read my blog. If the rumblings about Mattina are true (and things look damning) then why he would be getting work at a major publisher for doing little more than some typed prompts and hasty Photoshop alterations would be something DC should ask itself.

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