Friday, June 21, 2024

Film Friday: What is Up with the, "Blade," Movie and Its Development Hell?

The new iteration of, "Blade," was announced back in 2019. Mahershala Ali is to play the titular vampire-hunter, but everything else has been in flux since then. As William Hughes of the AV Club notes, "It's been a very messy 5 years." By all accounts, there have been a bunch of scripts with rewrite after rewrite, and a couple directors. We are now waiting to hear who the third supposed option for a director will be and if a script will be completed anytime soon. 5 years later and we've got almost nothing to show? The original Blade, Wesley Snipes, even cracked some jokes recently about all this.

I'm not a professional filmmaker, but I would think if you have Ali looking like a badass slicing up and shooting a bunch of vampires in some cool action scenes you're about halfway there. The, "Werewolf by Night," special already showed that Marvel can support horror-styled creatures in the MCU, so let's get to it and make a cool, "Blade," movie, please, sometime this decade!

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