Tuesday, June 18, 2024

More AI News: A Real Photo Won in an AI Art Contest

I go from writing about an artist accused of using AI to discussing a photographer who passed a real picture off as AI. That's right, a real picture won awards in an AI Art contest. Such a sentence is both hilarious to read and exemplifies how pointless so-called AI, "Art," even is. A real image went on to earn plaudits, showing how having a human involved in the creation of art is key to making something people might actually want to view/read/watch/otherwise enjoy. 

The piece in question is a real picture of a flamingo that looks, "Wrong," and made it able to fool people until the photographer, Miles Astray, made his clever subterfuge clear to everyone. The art was disqualified but nobody was mad, instead seeing his point of how this should foster communication. All it took was a flamingo bending over just right to scratch itself with its beak to look like AI. It took a real human to capture this funny image and it goes to show even when the whole point of a category is AI, "Art," that real art is best.

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