Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Television Tuesday: The, "Golden Bachelor," is Finally Here!

It was announced it was going to happen three or so years ago, but the television debut of, "The Golden Bachelor," finally occurred last Thursday. When Gerry Turner was revealed as the elder Bachelor he seemed like a genuinely sweet guy. With the premiere having occurred I would say (for once) the show hit it out of the park picking a superb lead. I'd fallen off the franchise around when Zach's season started but I'm back because the, "Golden Bachelor," had my attention. After the debut, I'll continue tuning in!

After meeting Gerry and hearing his story of how he lost his first wife (a moment that had everyone on Twitter declaring they were sobbing) we got to the opening night and ladies arriving! I previously wondered if it being older women in the cast would result in less immature/competitive behavior from the contestants too. Well, the gals all seemed to be pleasant toward one another (for now) so that was nice. There were some interesting characters among the bunch and Jimmy Kimmel's Aunt made a surprise appearance as a joke to crack some one-liners before heading out at the episode's conclusion. Oh, Matt James (a previous Bachelor) had his mom randomly there too, but she went home the first night so that stunt-casting was basically for naught.

Besides the fact everyone is decades older than the OG show it was still, "The Bachelor," to a T. We had funny entrances, Gerry chatting with the ladies and smooching some, little jokes here and there, it was good! I will give the franchise props for not shying away from some sex talk too. People don't always like to consider how old folks are getting raunchy these days, but they are, and that's cool too! Just because someone is in their 60s that doesn't mean they have to avoid making a double entendre--this franchise loves jokes about, "Birthday suits," or such! There will still be drama, it just looks like (from the previews of the season) everything will be a lot less toxic and malicious.

I had fun meeting the Bachelor and all the women, and it is a little funny to think adding a bunch of elderly adults could very well be the reinvigorating shot in the arm this franchise needs. I had fun watching, "The Bachelor," and besides, 'Bachelor in Paradise," it has been a while since things have been genuinely lighthearted and enjoyable within this franchise so now that they are, I'll be tuning in.

5 out of 5 stars (for the first episode).

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