Wednesday, October 18, 2023

My Statement on Israel and Palestine is That I Don't Really Have a Useful Statement

People know I write about World events that have a big impact in addition to popular culture. Some folks have asked me if I made a post about what's going on between Israel and Palestine since things have gotten quite deadly very fast in the past couple of weeks. I would tell them, "No," and they’d ask, "Why not?" Basically, I don't have anything to add. The whole thing is an utter unsolvable mess with any possible proposals being unrealistic, terrible, or both. I don't want any innocent civilians/bystanders to die in Israel or Palestine, everyone seems to agree on that. Everyone also agrees that Hamas doesn't represent all of Palestine and Israeli politicians don't represent all the people within that nation. That's about the only thing everyone agrees on.

Everything else regarding Israel and Palestine results in such vitriol that people are getting attacked simply for being Muslim or Jewish even if they have nothing to do with this war. Plus lots of people are getting fired for expressing an opinion their employer doesn't agree with (in favor of or against basically anything relating to this quagmire). I honestly feel there is no possible solution that can be achieved anytime soon. That's why I don't have much of a statement--unlike some issues which I can have an impact on (like all the American politics I write about and have voted on/canvassed for/etc.), there is nothing my words will do to impact Israel and Palestine and I lack any words beyond, "All this death is terrible." That isn't really a useful statement and contributes nothing to the discourse. That's why I haven't said anything until now to at least show folks this huge global crisis is on my mind, I just have literally nothing to offer

If Israel and Palestine were a puzzle it would be the, "Trick," kind that has no answer due to a piece missing. That, "Piece," would be a realistic solution, and we aren't finding that part of the puzzle in my lifetime, I'd bet. That said, I did notice a lot of people suddenly became self-proclaimed experts in global politics when this war started, or as Mark Twain (allegedly) once said, "God created war so that Americans would learn Geography." I'll finish this post on that point.

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  1. This is the best article I’ve seen yet on it and it adequately reflects my views as well.