Sunday, October 1, 2023

"The Department of Truth," to Have an, "Official," Bootleg Edition--How Trippy!

"The Department of Truth," is a fun and surreal comic by James Tynion IV and Martin Simmonds (with occasional guest artists). It focuses all on conspiracy theories and is quite trippy.  Tynion recently announced for the upcoming New York Comic-Con this October that they'll have, "Department of Truth: The Bootleg Edition." As Tynion described it in his email newsletter, "It’s printed in black and white, on newsprint, right here in NYC. We’re not making these available for sale online...we did a print run of 500 of these suckers, and they’ll be hand-numbered on the back." It is designed to be like a little pamphlet done by a crazy person as, "The ink literally comes off on your fingers." An official comic by the creative team designed to look like a bootleg? A faux bootleg or a fake of a fake? How strange and fitting for this series!

I had a post in August discussing how bootleg/unofficial/fan-made products can be extremely popular. It is humorous to witness an official item that is designed to look like a bootleg now hitting the scene. If anyone happens to be at NYCC and swings by the Artists' Alley they should be sure to visit table C-27 and grab one of these comics! Heck, if they let you buy two maybe get one for me!

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