Tuesday, October 3, 2023

I Loved the, "Unexplained Prague," Book and Now Am Excited for, "Unexplained Los Angeles," on Kickstarter!

Back in February, I discussed how the Kickstarter campaign for, "Unexplained Prague," looked really fun. The, "Unexplained," series of travelogues features comic artwork and interesting stories about the spotlit cities--along with tips on spooky and eeerie places to stay or dine. These books are by Skull & City I.S.R.L. with writing and artwork by Mackenzie Peltz. The latest one focusing on Prague indeed turned out to be a real treat of strange stories about places to be sure and visit. Peltz's artwork is lovely too, reminding me a bit of Mike Mignola in style while standing on its own as superb. With the Prague book out, work has now turned to the next title, focused on Los Angeles!

"Unexplained Los Angeles," currently has a Kickstarter campaign you can find here. While L.A. may be thought of as a city of glitz and glamour, it has all kinds of eerie folklore and allegedly haunted landmarks for readers to delve into. Based on the quality of the other, "Unexplained," books I know, "Unexplained Los Angeles," will be a fantastic travelogue/graphic novel! I encourage everyone to check the Kickstarter campaign out (here's that link again) and to back the book if it sounds like something they'd enjoy reading--or planning a visit to L.A. with!

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