Tuesday, February 7, 2023

This IHOP Movie Ticket Promotion is Actually a Really Good Deal

I enjoy IHOP as I am a fan of breakfast foods. I am someone who will eat breakfast-related items any time of the day because no clock is going to control when I get some pancakes. To IHOP's credit, they are doing a movie ticket promotion that is actually a pretty good deal when you crunch the numbers.

Movie tickets are often expensive, running anywhere from at least $10 to often $15 or even more. If you spend $30 or more at IHOP in a single meal/transaction (not counting the tip, but you should treat your server well) and they'll give you up to $15 in Fandango credit to see the new, "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania," flick. Spending $30 shouldn't be too hard if you've got two or three hungry diners (or perhaps if you're just ravenous for a bunch of Rooty Tooty pancakes a solo person could spend that much). Then, you get basically half the meal covered in the form of a movie ticket to a highly-anticipated film.

Yes, you'll probably shell out some of your own funds due to convenience fees and such, but considering IHOP honestly doesn't owe you anything for your $30 besides a tasty meal, getting $15 in Quantum credit (as I'm now calling it) is pretty cool. Forget dinner and a movie, it's time for breakfast and a film.

Note: IHOP did not pay me to write this article or anything. I just like pancakes and movies.

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