Wednesday, February 8, 2023

HBO MAX and Discovery+ Will Not Be Merged After All

The big news for awhile was how HBO MAX would just go by, "Max," and was going to absorb Discovery+, turning them into one big service. Well, somebody crunched the numbers and even though HBO MAX/Max subscribers might like having some Discovery+ content, the folks who use Discovery+ have little interest in paying more money for a merged service (HBO MAX/Max costs a lot more than Discovery+). The plan to combine everything is officially scrapped. I guess there isn't a ton of crossover in people who watch prestige cable or DC superhero movie and junky reality television. I mean, I do that, but I'm a uniquely strange person.

HBO MAX/Max will still gain most or all of the content on Discovery+ but there will still be Discovery+ for people too if they're more interested in, "1,000 Pound Sisters," and, "MILF Manor," than scripted programming. Yes, those are actual reality shows I watch. Perhaps this is for the best. People who get Max can dip their toes into trashy reality T.V. and users of Discovery+ won't have to pay extra for movies or shows they have little interest in as opposed to the latest 90 Day Fiancé episode. Everyone wins, I suppose?

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