Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Can Someone Explain Mr. Beast to Me?

Mr. Beast

I am online a lot so I've heard of Mr. Beast. I have seen some of his videos. He is quite possibly the most popular, "Influencer," in existence, worth nearly a billion dollars. I don't get why because I don't get it. His videos are perfectly fine. He usually has some silly contest or gimmick where he gives money to people if they do a challenge. To his credit, I've never seen a nasty/gross/otherwise mean-spirited challenge. I know he has faced criticism for, "Public altruism," like when he did a video paying for surgery to help people with vision issues see better. Mr. Beast, or Jimmy Donaldson if we're using his real name, seems like a pleasant enough dude. Why is he so popular though? Why do I not find myself entertained by his videos like other folks who comment with the affection of a borderline cultish love? What am I not getting?

I'm 34 and nearing 35. Am I just too old to get it? Do the younger folks adore Mr. Beast because they find his videos really entertaining in some fashion? Is he hyped up a lot because folks like to fantasize about Mr. Beast giving them a ton of money somehow or some way (kind of like how when you buy a lottery ticket you're paying a couple bucks to get to imagine what it would be like to have a windfall)? His earlier videos were fun little viral stunts that he did, I see some charm in those. Maybe kids love him because he used to be a teenager making silly little videos and now he's stinking rich--is it a, "If he can do it anyone can," type of thing?

I don't like Mr. Beast. I don't dislike Mr. Beast. I simply don't get Mr. Beast. Can someone explain him to me? Anyone is welcome to do so. A fan can do so. A hater can offer an opinion. Hell, Mr. Beast can call me up and explain what his deal is to me if he feels like it in-between making videos or apparently doing branded food delivery among other projects. I just want to get it, whatever it is. That, or maybe I am too old and should go back to remembering the 2000s and our viral-video stars of that era. Whatever happened to that kid who bit Charlie's finger?

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