Friday, February 10, 2023

It is Odd How They Air Big Super Bowl Ads BEFORE the Super Bowl

Imagine you have a big television show or movie coming out. Then, a few days before it is set to release in theaters/on a streaming platform/etc. you just plop it on YouTube for everyone to see the highlights. I know an advertisement is different than a movie or show, but that's how I feel about Super Bowl ads being put online a number of days before the actual Super Bowl.

A part of me understands. Companies spend a ton of money to get these ads on the air and want to get their full monies' worth. If you spent 7 million just to broadcast your ad and even more on producing it and promoting it ya gotta squeeze that orange for all the juice you can. That said, the ads have always been a big selling point of the Super Bowl--especially for those who could care less about Football (you can't see this, but I'm raising my hand to identify myself). A person can avoid being spoiled, but I have never been especially upset about having something spoiled in a movie or television show, let alone an ad. Still, if there aren't cool new 30-second spots to get excited about because the Today show is already showcasing them or they're everywhere online, what's the point of shelling out all that money or watching the Super Bowl itself? 

There is the halftime show, I guess, but even though last year it was amazing it is a bummer this year we have Rhianna. I'm sorry but when you've got 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige, and Snoop Dogg (along with Anderson .Paak on the drums) and then give me Rhianna, that's a downgrade. I've never been a fan of her yodeling in most of her songs and hearing Rhianna was making new music again served to remind me how much I don't like her music.

We've got a bunch of spoiled advertisements, a mediocre halftime performer, and a sport I don't follow much at all. I'm still going to watch it because it's the Super Bowl and there is fun to be had in viewing it. I just find some decisions about showcasing the ads in advance or having Rhianna do the halftime show to be baffling choices.

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