Thursday, February 2, 2023

"Tim Seeley's Lucky," is a Fun Combination of Horror and Heroics

"Tim Seeley's Lucky," features the writing of Tim Seeley and art by Troy Dongarra & Billy Parker. As I am a fan of much of what Tim Seeley has crafted I was curious about his superhero, "Lucky." Having read this one-shot that leads into a series this Summer, I found myself quite entertained! "Lucky," is the superhero moniker of a  young woman who was a part of the Superbeasts before they disbanded. They all lived in a World full of horror-styled creatures and were themselves monsters mixed with heroes (like a Shazam-styled Dracula). 

There actually is a free link/QR code in the back of the issue to a, "Superbeasts," comic that appeared in another collection but now can be read on the web to get some further background on this series if readers desire. I followed this issue of, "Tim Seeley's Lucky" before I ever read the prequel and understood everything fine, however. Dongarra and Parker give everything a cartoony and fun look full of pep, creating a zany contrast to the more monstrous designs. It works really well. Seeley's writing of Lucky, a now-retired hero reduced to food delivery, balances humor and humanity with ease. Seeley's a fantastic writer and his horror-inspired hero is good fun as she finds herself drawn back into crime-fighting over this issue.

I really enjoyed, "Tim Seeley's Lucky," and would encourage anyone who likes off-kilter tales of superheroes as opposed to more mainstream yarns to check this issue out. I look forward to the upcoming mini-series this Summer!

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