Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The, "Unexplained Prague," Kickstarter Looks Fun!

I will on occasion have the people behind a Kickstarter campaign reach out to me. They'll ask me to give their campaign a look and consider supporting it or writing about it. The folks at Skull and City sent over a message about their latest Kickstarter for, "Unexplained Prague." They previously made, "Unexplained London," and it is a series of pocket guides for cities that are also graphic novels telling the urban legends/stories of such locations. 

Prague is located in the Czech Republic and has a variety of ghost stories, rumored UFO sightings, and more. Author/investigator Mackenzie Peltz writes and illustrates, "Unexplained Prague," and as I am someone who enjoys fun little travel guides and comics their Kickstarter looks quite snazzy. I would encourage folks to check out the Kickstarter for, "Unexplained Prague," and to back it should they find the book cool!

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