Tuesday, April 20, 2021

It's 4/20 AKA National Cold Brew Coffee Day!

Today is April 20th, or as it is also known, 4/20. It is a very popular time as it is National cold brew coffee day. Stores such as Dunkin have special deals to commemorate this awesome holiday and I'm excited! I've been telling people all week how I can't wait to celebrate 4/20. Folks have said to me, "David, you partake in 4/20? I didn't think you did that stuff?" and I simply respond, "Of course I do,  all the time! Generally at least once a day while I'm out or I keep some at home," which isn't an exaggeration as I love having cold brew coffee I pick-up from the store or drink at home as you can buy some bottles of it at the grocery store. Yes, I've been singing the praises of 4/20 to anyone who will listen, and hope everyone has some cold brew coffee today!

What's that? 4/20 is better known as a holiday for what? Cannabis? Oh. Oh. Well, I look silly and now understand why that guy with a, "Phish," t-shirt was so eager for me to hang out with him today.

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