Sunday, October 30, 2016

Comic Book Resources is Kind of Awful Now

There was a time I regularly checked-out, "Comic Book Resources." It had all kinds of good writers and the awesome, "Robot 6," blog. Then some people left it and I found myself reading other websites more and more as it became more of a website for fluff-piece articles and softball interviews from publishers who wanted easy and free press without any conflict or difficulty. Recently CBR was bought-out by another company and it went through a big redesign where it eliminated, "Robot6," and kicked-off I think every writer I liked. Many folk relocated to other sites (for example, "Tilting at Windmills," is now found on Comicsbeat), but what is really tragic would be how CBR is kinda of awful now.

"Comic Book Resources," is now mostly stupid, "List articles," which I'm guilty of doing for both fun or pay (I like money, so sue me) but while they can have their place, and even putting those aside, the rest of the writing is a bunch of clickbait nonsense (and of course plenty of the ass-kissing stuff too). The whole thing is just one big ad-spot for movies and comic-companies along with other media sources to the point that even though the website is, "Comic Book Resources," there ain't a lot of comic-book stuff on it.

To the credit of CBR, they at least are willing to pay anyone interested in contributing, so thankfully they don't go for that old chestnut of wanting people to make stuff, "For exposure." Still, there is basically zero reason for me to ever bother reading the website. It is a bit depressing. Oh well, at least there still are plenty of other site I enjoy reading.

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