Monday, October 10, 2016

Popbot is Getting Re-Released in 2017!

I am a big fan of Ashley Wood and his work. Whether he is doing paintings, comics, making action-figures, or whatever tickles his fancy he creates gorgeous stuff. I was a huge fan of his, "Popbot," back in the day and was happy to see in the October issue of, "Previews," that it is being reissued as a big hardcover by publisher IDW, collecting the entire series. I don't think the last issue before the series stopped coming out was ever collected in anything besides the, "Big Beautiful Book," that is notoriously rare and gigantic.

The story follows a cat that once led a band and wants to sell his bodyguard robot, but things get much weirder with sexy humanoid robots, what may be the Devil, and Sherlock Holmes pops-by too, in addition to  (sorta) Andy Warhol. "Popbot" is absolutely gorgeous, supremely weird, and something I would recommend you read. It comes out January 2017, mark your calendars!

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