Friday, June 17, 2016

I'll Be at Saint Louis Comic-Con Tomorrow!

This June 18th and 19th the first-ever, "Saint Louis Comic-Con," will be occurring. Don't let the name confuse you as this of course is not the first comic-convention to happen in Saint Louis. You see, it is the first to occur under that name and via the convention company known as, "MightyCon," who are owned by Geek Inc. Comics. They specialize in putting on conventions in the Midwest (and which I found from internet sleuthing the shows tend to be pretty well-reviewed). I will be attending the convention as press and am excited  to see guests such as George PĂ©rez and check-out my favorite spot at all cons--the artists' alley. I always love discovering unique new stuff at conventions and the floor-plan looks to have some cool things I'm eager to check out.

I may be able to attend both days of the show and I'll be there Saturday for sure. It should be a fun time and I'll of course do my usual write-up/s afterwards about how everything went. See you at the show!

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