Sunday, March 13, 2016

Daylight Savings Time Needs to Be Abolished

Turn your clock forward and then get ready for at least a week of misery!
Today we had a, "holiday," I despise. Yes, Daylight Savings Time, and it is a terrible joke of an idea. Besides the states that don't observe Daylight Savings time, everyone in the USA gets to enjoy feeling like an absolute wreck for a week or so--even when we gain the hour (because our body-clocks are all out-of-sorts regardless). It basically was created by ol' Ben Franklin as a joke, reduces productivity, raises electricity costs, and is terrible, just terrible. Did I mention it can literally kill you? Again, it is awful.

I feel like every year there is talk about cancelling this absurd process, but then people forget and until we get a little thrown-off in the Fall and really messed-up the next spring we forget. I honestly am to the point where I believe a Presidential candidate could run on the platform of getting rid of Daylight Savings Time--with that as their sole policy-goal--and win in a landslide. I can only hope this madness ends someday soon. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to try and go to bed even though my body thinks it's an hour earlier than it is. Sigh.

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