Monday, April 14, 2014

Some Thoughts About May and How April Already Needs To Be Over

Half-way to May
We are almost mid-way through April and I'm already thinking about May. Why? Well, besides the fact that April is often a miserable month of rain and pollen, May tends to be one of my favorite months--and this May seems to be so chock-full of fun stuff that this year won't be any different.

This May we have a variety of movies I'm immensely excited for, such as the new "Godzilla" and the upcoming "X-Men: Days of Future Past". Plus, there is the new "Amazing Spider-Man 2" that I hope will be good, but am not as pumped-up for as the other two flicks.

May also has some cool games coming out, with the "Wolfenstein: The New Order" sounding bizarre, but at least worth a rental to experience the fun, and of course there is "Watch Dogs" which funnily enough comes out on the very day of my birthday, May 27th (I'll be twenty-six, in case you're curious). I have been excited for "Watch Dogs" since that very-first trailer revealed its existence at the 2012 Electronics Entertainment Expo AKA "E3" and can't wait to play it.

I truly hope "Watch Dogs" is good as I have high-hopes for the title and would be extremely pleased if it turns out to live up to expectations. Considering they delayed it a good six months just to fix-up the bugs that's theoretically a good sign that we are getting a fun, quality, and polished product. Should my saving of funds be enough to play it on a Playstation 4 that would be even better, as I'm hoping to have built-up enough money sometime in the near future to get one of those snazzy consoles.

So, we are only at the mid-point of April and already I'm thinking about all the good stuff at the start, middle, and end of May. Either I'm getting ahead of myself, really don't like this month we are currently in, or its a mixture of both of those factors. Whatever the case, I await May as it slowly creeps ever-closer.

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