Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thoughts and Links AKA Before Watchmen? No, Just No

Before Watchmen: The Event No One Wanted At A Time It's Not Needed

We have this event, called, "Before Watchmen" that is happening. It's a prequel bunch of comics to Watchmen. When I first heard about this I thought the announcement was about a series of one-shots so I thought, "this is probably a shameless cash-grab, but a little companion trade-paperback to Watchmen could maybe, just maybe, be interesting." Then I read this link and learned how we are getting a ton of issues. 30+ books? Really? Do I need to remind anyone the original Watchmen was 12 issues? Alan Moore may be a bit cranky sometimes but is of course correct in pointing out how its sad that DC is mining his ideas from 25 years ago for new material. Then, as David Brothers discusses, someone has the nerve to argue out that Alan Moore being pissed is somehow a good thing? I don't know why David Brothers even reads Newsarama.
I think it is the nerve of DC to do this that boggles my mind. They just did a huge re-launch they should be focusing all their creators and money on, and instead they decided to try and exploit this old property with the idea that maybe they can maybe make some cash or another movie from it (note: just a theory about a movie). Watchmen worked best as a tale about a bunch of washed-up heroes who were an ensemble, and now we're going to expand something without the creators guys who made it so special being involved one iota. What. The. Fuuuucccckkkk?
You may be asking, "David, I get it, you're annoyed and a bit pissed, but are you going to check out any of the books?" No, not really. The only one that seems the slightest bit promising is the idea of Brian Azzarello writing Rorschach as he does a good job with gritty, crime-stuff. Then again, couldn't Mr. Azzarello just make his own amazing crime caper without trying to mess with Watchmen? 100 Bullets was pretty good, why not make another thing like that instead of grabbing Alan Moore's baby and shaking it until all the money in its diaper has fallen to the floor? I know I'm mixing my metaphors horribly, but the point is Watchmen worked best a 12 issue series and now DC wants to do this...yuck. Also, who wants to take bets that somehow Straczynski ends up not being able to finish his Dr. Manhattan book for some reason and they need someone else to take over?

In less annoying and more heartwarming news, but which still oddly involves a comic company jumping around in a series' time-line, Archie is going to have a baby with Valerie of Josie and the Pussycats in his comic set in alternate futures. Some people are making a fuss as the baby will be multi-racial. He has a future with Veronica, Betty, Valerie, they had a comic with gay character Kevin Keller getting boggles my mind Archie comics got so progressive. They are selling though, so I guess it all works out.

In sad news, the creator of Soul Train, Don Cornelius, died. Soul Train was an awesome show and beat the lame American Bandstand in awesomeness hands-down.

Donald Trump endorsing Mitt Romney...hmmmm. Is an endorsement form Trump really something you want?

Apparently some people  don't believe a groundhog has the power to predict how the season will work out. You are all non-believers; of course a small mammal that burrows underground controls the climate!

An airline added a $2.00 fee for, "Unintended consequences." You know, I hated flying before security got even more crazy, tickets went through the roof, and shit just generally went right into the fan in regards to airline industries. Imagine how I feel about going to the airport now.

I hated how Iron Man 2.0 ended. Well, maybe there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than I realized to make it so terrible, as one of the artists, Ariel Olivetti revealed in an interview.

I will never be as clever as Tucker Stone, or his friends he gets to help review things like movies.

That's the end of that.
Some interesting links, pointless events, there we go.

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