Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Newest Rant Promotional Posters

Using a great iPad app known as Phoster I have spent the past few months occasionally making a mini-poster. These 6 are the best I created. Feel free to print them out and put one in your room if you think a particular design looks cool. Hell, if you want, plaster them about your town and in places with bulletin boards (after getting permission, of course).

First off, is my personal favorite:
It's simple, a clever comic reference, and the color-scheme has our favorite hero/villain's red incorporated subtly.

My most kitschy one is this:
It evokes the old romance comics and black-and-white movies but puts in a bit of pink as if to show some shattered love. Or something.

Here is a professional-looking all-text piece:
It's pretty business-style but not completely dull.

For those who like a piece with just an image and the website text we've got this Iron Man piece:
I of course did not design the Iron Man drawing, it was Salvador Larroca, but it looks so cool.

Here is a pretty old-school and word-heavy poster, it appeals more to the comic geeks:
Yup, the famous, "35 minutes ago," line.

Lastly, I have this funny mini-poster that should give you laugh:
Indeed, The Vision can cry.

There they are, click on them for more detail of course, and I hope you found them interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

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