Wednesday, February 7, 2024

"Moana 2," Was Suddenly Announced Today in an Awkward Manner

In a strange moment today, Disney revealed they were making a, "Moana," television show for Disney+ but have scrapped that and will use chunks of it to make a sequel to the original movie. Whether this means the budget ballooned to a larger size than expected and some box office income is needed or there just wasn't enough material for a bunch of episodes of a show, we're getting a sequel. I'd say, "Yah!" but the weird way it was announced makes it seem like Disney has little enthusiasm/belief in the project. Disney basically said, "Oh, we gave up on one thing to make this and it'll be in theaters this November, so enjoy it, or whatever." Other projects were announced with release windows as well in a more energetic manner such as, "Zootopia 2," and, "Frozen 3," with this latest Moana movie almost seeming like a strange afterthought.

It isn't like this is reminiscent of those direct-to-VHS Disney sequels in the late 90's and early 2000's that were cheaply made without the original talent (that Robin Williams sound-alike in, "Aladdin 2," tried so hard but failed). We've got it seeming like the Rock will be back as Maui for this and he'll be in the live-action remake of the original too which is on the way--I know, it is a bit confusing. Auli’i Cravalho is thought to be Moana again as well. Lin-Manuel Miranda is not expected to return so we will be without some of the catchy tunes he is known for, however (a little worrisome). This doesn't sound completely like a throwaway project, but this was such a surreal manner of an announcement today it worries me. Our eldest, Clarkson, loves the first, "Moana," so I would hope this one is good and we can all enjoy it. We don't have to wait long, at least, with it due in November.

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