Monday, February 19, 2024

The Tiny Onion Comic Brand is Growing Into a Production Company

James Tynion IV has had his comic brand of Tiny Onion for a number of years now. It was his self-published work and other creative partners. However, as reported by a variety of sites including Comicsbeat, Tiny Onion is now becoming, "...a full-blown production company. Tynion’s goal as both founder and CEO is to take the independent film studio approach to comics. To encourage a mutually beneficial creator economy." 

Tiny Onion will be a production house and will not be a comic publisher, but instead, "...will work with publishers such as Dark Horse and Image comics, with ambitious plans for the company in the future include expansion into publishing, film, and TV in the future." Basically, a creator who needs support to get a project made could turn to Tiny Onion for a variety of resources and industry contacts thanks to how, "Tiny Onion will focus on the business sides of production including comics development, packaging, marketing, and promotion of creator-owned comics work. Working as more of a book packager and production house [as I said], the company will be managing some of Tynion’s creator-owned work."

James Tynion IV

It sounds like this expansion of Tiny Onion will assist Tynion IV with his own projects and allow him to assist a bunch of other creators he (or the company's staff) has enjoyed working with or believes in. I look forward to announcements of what projects are in the works these coming months!

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