Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Fast Food Surge Pricing Sounds Like an Awful Idea

Wendy's announced in 2025 that it is planning on testing surge pricing. This means during the busiest times of the day food will cost more. Suddenly the dinner rush will also result in your burger/nuggets/fries being higher in price. This is an awful idea.

Yes, companies such as Ticketmaster and Uber engage in surge pricing. However, Ticketmaster basically has a monopoly on tickets and people absolutely hate the company. Uber engages in this practice at certain times of day and in areas that see a surge of activity--e.g. when a sporting event or concert lets out. It is disliked then too but has some basis in logic. A fast food building, however? That makes no sense. Wendy's does not have a monopoly on fast food that would allow them to pull this kind of B.S. If McDonald's tried it out people would be mad but that is also the biggest fast food chain here on Earth, they can throw some weight around if they so choose, bad press be damned. Wendy's, though? They are known for being funny on Twitter/X with their sarcastic posts--that ain't gonna make people pay an extra two bucks at 5PM for their food. 

Even if things will supposedly be cheaper at the off-peak hours, so what? Are people going to need to plan to only go to Wendy's at 3PM because that's between lunch and dinner? If a ton of people start going there then wouldn't that become the new peak time anyways? To take an old-time quote and tweak it a little, "That dog don't eat at Wendy's." A big part of me suspects this test of surge pricing won't even occur in 2025 as it is getting such bad press. We shall see.

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  1. Wendy's has been adamant in "saying" they do not intend to start Surge Pricing. I will believe it when I see what they REALLY do...