Monday, February 19, 2024

EC Comics Returns as an Oni Press Imprint

EC Comics was a publisher decades ago who created a variety of amazing sci-fi and horror comics among other neat stuff. Short for, "Entertaining Comics," the head--Willaim Gaines--had the company put out incredible works. In 1954 the infamous and awful book, "Seduction of the Innocent," by Wertham resulted in congressional hearings into comic books and led to the Comics Code Authority to avoid governmental censorship. Sold by Gaines in the 1960s and absorbed into various companies, the EC line found itself often reprinted and it led to the popular, "Tales From the Crypt," show which drew from one of the old comics. Now, EC Comics is coming back in a fashion as an imprint of Oni Press.

There will be new comics created through a partnership with Oni and the family of William Gaines. An impressive roster of writers and artists shall be working on the new series. Talents involved include Jason Aaron, Brian Azzarello, J.H. Williams III, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Matt Kindt, and plenty more. There appear to be plans for horror, sci-fi, and other goodness EC was known for back in the pre-code days. Thankfully, the Comics Code Authority is gone and creators can make comics about whatever they like these days (without having to be underground comix or such). I look forward to new EC comics with the first titles apparently coming in July and August!

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