Wednesday, February 21, 2024

It's Time To Give T-Pain the Respect He is Due

T-Pain is a vastly underrated artist. I've blogged about enjoying his work previously and would argue he has often been at best discounted and at worst ignored in his talent for unfair reasons. Let's acknowledge the elephant in the room to start: Yes, T-Pain has at many points in his career utilized autotune as a tool. When he sings without autotune it is clear the man doesn't need it, but with his production chops, it makes a cool addition to his repertoire he likes to make use of. With that out of the way, more people really need to put some respect on T-Pain's name.

T-Pain was kind of quiet for a while in terms of the public eye after putting out, "1UP," in 2019 (and winning, "The Masked Singer," that year too), but lately, he has kept busy. He put out a stellar LP in 2023 titled, "On Top of the Covers," where he sings a wide range of songs and there is a live version of the album as well. His rendition of, "Tennesse Whiskey," is just plain fantastic and I don't even like much country music. "On Top of the Covers," was his first solo album since 2019, but he had been working. He's done a ton of production work and actually did some, "Ghost production," on country albums (speaking of country music) due to facing racism. He took the money and was fine with his name being left off the credits, which makes me happy he's getting his checks but sad he faced hateful attitudes. T-Pain also is an avid video-gamer and has live-streamed himself on games often. He actually had to quit a, "Grand Theft Auto V," roleplaying server (where you pretend you're actually a character in the World and such, it's a popular niche in the game) due to apparently working on the upcoming, "Grand Theft Auto VI." T-Pain is up to a lot, lately.

I've been a fan of T-Pain ever since he rhymed, "Mansion," with, "Wisconsin/Wiscansin," all those years ago both as a bit of a joke and to show how he's as great a wordsmith as he is a producer, singer, entertainer, etc. People need to give the man his flowers, as the saying goes. I look forward to any other projects he puts out and to seeing just what exactly he's been doing with, "GTA VI," when that comes out at some point in 2025 (hopefully).

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