Sunday, February 4, 2024

Marvel Has Annoyed Me With Their Special Editions of the, "Blood Hunt," Comic

I have zero issues with variant covers. If you want to shell out more money for a special cover, do it. I don't mind when comics are re-released with interesting bonus, "Behind the scenes," stuff like scripts or uncolored pages. However, Marvel is doing something new with their event comic, "Blood Hunt," that annoys me. The comic features the Avengers, X-Men, and Blade (among others) fighting vampires. That could be fun. Jed MacKay is writing it. That is a good sign too. Pepe Laraz is on the art--also good! However, Marvel will be doing a, "Red Band," edition themed for how R-rated movies get a Red Band trailer (and blood is red, so it is a little joke there) where comics that say, "Red Band," edition will be polybagged and have extra story pages featuring further vampire-fighting...and cost $2 more.

The standard first issue of, "Blood Hunt," will be an already pricey $6. I don't want to be charged two bucks extra to get the full story of a comic with all the pages. If you just wanted to change me two dollars more for a polybagged variant that would be fine as I can make a choice to simply skip such a thing. Telling me the whole story costs more is stupid and sets a dangerous precedent with comics though. I don't want to be told a comic is only $4, but for an extra buck I can get some prequel pages and for even more money I get an epilogue or something absurd in that manner. I don't like this and will be skipping this event due to my annoyance.

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