Friday, February 23, 2024

DC Announces, "Absolute Power," as a Summer Event Series

DC just recently announced that, "Absolute Power," will be their Summer event comic. It will follow the heroes of the DC Universe going against Amanda Waller when she uses an assortment of tech from recent series to strip all metahumans of their powers. Besides sounding like another opportunity for Batman to show off all he can do without technically having powers beyond plot armor, this also will be a big event for writer, Mark Waid. Waid is immensely talented and has been around for a while so while it is surprising to hear he is writing the main event and all the tie-in comics (about 25 total books over a short period of months), I imagine he's up for the challenge. 

Dan Mora will be providing art on the main series and everything will kind of kick-off on Free Comic Book Day this May with, "Absolute Power Free Comic Book Day Special Edition," and then a, "Ground Zero One-Shot," in June and the true first issue of the event in early July. If that sounds a little confusing it is, but that's comic-books for ya! As for if this event will be any fun, I refuse to guess as in the past I've incorrectly assumed how good or bad an event will be only to find my conjecture was way off. Good or bad, we can all at least check out the start of the story for free this May!

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