Monday, June 19, 2023

The, "Kraven," Trailer Makes the Movie Seem Suitably Entertaining

A clip of the trailer for the upcoming, "Kraven," movie leaked online so Sony went ahead and released the full version. It looks like it might be fun as a high-budget take on an ultraviolent B-movie featuring a guy who fights mobsters with vaguely animal-related powers. When a movie featuring Spider-Man's villain Kraven was announced, I asked, "Why?" in a post. Then I was intrigued by the news that the movie would be rated R due to featuring Kraven being quite violent with the folks he fights. As Sony is making this flick instead of Disney (who really shy away from R-rated hero stuff besides the upcoming, "Deadpool 3," or such) it seems to be in the same Universe as their other sorta-related-to-Spidey fare such as, "Venom," and, "Morbius." This looks a lot more serious than either flick but still pretty fun if you want to watch Aaron Taylor-Johnson violently kill bad guys. He's getting a lot more use out of his muscles and acting talent here than when he briefly played Quicksilver in the MCU, that's for sure. Check out the trailer below and I'll share some more thoughts:

See? It looks like a good time with a silly plot and lots of action--multiple times dudes burst through windows, that's kinda cool! I don't know if this will manage to tie in at all with recent Spider-Man stuff but even if it doesn't I like seeing a take on the Rhino popping up too. Even if this version of Kraven is different from the one in the comics (this Kraven relates to animals in some odd fashion, the comic-book iteration just hunted them) it just seems fun and mostly serious but with a little wink as opposed to being outright telling constant jokes like some MCU properties. Oh, and Russell Crowe is in this too as the evil Dad. He's a pretty good, "Get," for such a random movie This could flop, hard, or turn out to be surprisingly popular in the same manner the, "Venom," flicks managed. I'm just hoping it is as entertaining as this preview hints it might be.

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