Sunday, June 11, 2023

Xbox Has Big Plans, Here's Hoping They Work Out

Today, Microsoft showed off a lot of new Xbox (and PC) games at their big ol' Summer Showcase. A lot more details were revealed about, "Starfield," as well in a follow-up segment and reactions have ranged from optimistic to less-than-excited for it. A new, "Fable," game was confirmed with Richard Ayoade as a character and it does actually look a bit quirky and funny (I recently posted my concerns about the franchise continuing, but maybe I was wrong). A new open-world game titled, "Star Wars: Outlaws," had an all-CG teaser so who knows how the game will be but that caught my eye. Developer Obsidian showed off,"Avowed," and acknowledged it looked a lot like, 'Skryim," while assuring us it is different. I thought, "Still Wakes the Deep," sounded interesting as a horror game on an oil rig, too. 

I haven't even named all the stuff discussed, just what looked cool to me. That said, many would agree the Xbox Series X/S has had a rough go of things lately and is clearly hoping the Fall of 2023 and much of 2024 are going to bring in those games that really draw people to the consoles and the Game Pass. I personally find the Game Pass snazzy but I'm aware more and more people think it needs to step things up to really dominate the market as Netflix (or whatever streamer you like) of games. There is clearly a plan, we just need to see if it works out.

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