Friday, June 23, 2023

Steve's Comic Cleaning and Pressing Continues to be Great!

I previously made a post discussing how great a job Steve Ritter of Steve's Comic Cleaning and Pressing does when it comes to getting comics looking the best they can. I had acquired some older Batman-themed comics and wanted to get them graded, but I knew they needed some work. I sent them over to Steve and he worked his magic! My, "Batman," #97 comic came back a solid 4.0, and the, "Detective Comics,"#241 with the first appearance of the rainbow-color Batman costumes got a 5.0 grade. Considering how old these comics are, I was pleased with my 4.0 and ecstatic with the 5.0! I'd highly encourage you to visit Steve's website and utilize his services. I know I'm going to keep returning to him for my pressing and cleaning needs!

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