Thursday, June 15, 2023

It Still Astounds Me When People Blame Affirmative Action For Why They Didn't Get Into a College

If you want to get into a certain college, it can be really hard. Even with good grades, extracurriculars, and so forth you maybe will struggle to get in. Some things can help, such as private schools--especially Ivy League institutions--with legacy admissions (a practice that sucks). One thing that is always odd to see blamed would be Affirmative Action. Randall Barnes at HBCU Pulse has a fascinating article showing just how small of a number of Black individuals are at certain prestigious universities and how if Affirmative Action actually were a problem then they'd make up more than the smallest demographic. 

Still, I see certain people bemoaning online or even when I'm around certain individual in person how it is apparently just so hard for a white man to get into an Ivy League school now and, "If only we could claim we were a minority." When I've heard some people say this in my company I've observed that I imagine most folks would gladly trade getting the slightest extra consideration via Affirmative Action in exchange for not facing systemic racism in our nation. Usually those people I say this to then get offended I called them out, but I generally am the king of not giving a fuck about pointing out conservative hypocrisy. 
Seriously though, it may be a struggle to get admitted to your preferred college. Don't blame other people just because you didn't make the cut, however. I was rejected at certain colleges and I didn't go and blame a Black person because I'm not an ignorant asshole. I just considered the places that did want me and look where I am now, writing smack on the internet--your dreams really can come true kids! For real though, sometimes we get rejected in life when it comes to school, a job, romance, or whatever. We live and learn from our failings without throwing shade at someone else. Now we wait to see what the Supreme Court will rule with recent challenges.

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