Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Disney/Marvel Really Went and Used AI, "Art," For the, "Secret Invasion," Opening

For the opening to the new, "Secret Invasion," show Disney/Marvel could have paid artists and animators. That, or they could have gotten a skilled editor to take years of past artwork and mash it up in cool ways. A variety of things could have been done, but instead, a company that works with AI called Method, "Created," the opener. The excuse for doing so is that it fits the theme of weird and shifty Skrull stuff as the aliens are all amorphous and eerie. It is pretty weak reasoning and almost feels more like an effort to soften people up for when more shows use more AI heavily. 

As I've discussed, people don't really understand what AI is and how it isn't, in fact, making anything. It just is taking/stealing from the internet and using code to, "Create," so-called new imagery. There has been ample (negative) buzz about this online and while AI can be a useful tool like in de-aging Harrison Ford, it also is being used in ways that even people utilizing it (like the executive producer, Ali Selim of, "Secret Invasion,") admit they fully don't understand. If we don't understand a technology and we're diving headfirst into the deep end with it that generally is a recipe for disaster.

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