Monday, June 12, 2023

The First Issue of, "Rebel Grrrls," is Wildly Fun

Recently I got an email from Danny Harrell. He is the writer and colorist of the comic, "Rebel Grrrls," and he reached out to me about if I wanted to review that comic by himself and artist Robert Ahmad. I said sure and was provided a digital copy to read. Due to be released on July 26th and being published by Keenspot, "Rebel Grrrls," follows a band of three teenagers whose music has power--they can summon ghosts and even potentially resurrect the dead. 

The problem with this incredible gift is it hasn't really been utilized much. They have crappy equipment and trying to promote themselves has mostly fallen flat. Oh, and a Devil in disguise keeps trying to convince them to sign a record deal for wider exposure (he's actually been tasked by Lucifer to summon enough undead the living can be overthrown) but they told him to get lost. As you can tell from this description, the comic has a bit of a comedic undertone, but it isn't overly silly as the girls do face a lot of obstacles in their desire for success, and playing at county fairs is not much fun when a crowd is calling you names or demanding you take your tops off.

I enjoyed the mixture of silly and serious in this first issue Harrell's writing provided and Ahmad's artwork did a great job showcasing everyday life with bits of the supernatural (ghosts and other outlandish elements) sprinkled in. He really draws the girls rocking out so well you can almost hear your own version of whatever you might think they'd be playing. It's a fun debut and worth asking your comic shop to order you a copy of for a highly enjoyable read. I want to thank Danny Harrell for reaching out to tell me about his and Robert Ahmad's comic and look forward to more issues of rocking, rolling, and putting the literal Devil in what has been at times referred to as the Devil's music.

5 out of 5 Stars.

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