Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The, "Today Show," Informed Me About Hank the Tank and Man, That's a Big Bear

2/26/22 Update: Apparently, Hank the Tank is actually three bears!

I was watching the, "Today Show," this morning and learned of the hottest new internet sensation. Named, "Hank the Tank," he is a 500-pound bear that has been breaking into garbage bins, cars, and houses in order to feast on all the garbage and food he can. The AV Club has a post discussing what a majestic and chunky boy Hank is. Currently, folks are concerned he will be killed and the local bear-stopping agencies have assured everyone that is the last resort when Hank would most likely be better served in a sanctuary or somewhere else that will prevent him from busting into homes. All I know is his nickname cracks me up anytime I hear it.

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